EGYPT and its cotton

Knowing what you're buying and from whom is the first step towards a quality product.

Egypt is the main historical producer and current world leader in the production of long and extra long staple cotton.

Egypt has an ideal environment for growing cottons - the very best cotton grows here because of the particular climatic conditions and the fertility of the soil along the Nile in its delta area.

Cotton is planted at the end of March when the climate is slightly cooler. This helps the plant produce branches lower down. The cotton flocks that mature in the shade are not affected a great deal by the direct heat of the sun. In July and August, when the cotton fibres are forming, the climate is very stable and good for the production of uniform and regular fibres. It is harvested in September.

Each single count of a yarn has its own characteristic. A greater parallelisation of the cotton fibre produces less hairy yarns that are more resistant compared to others of the same count plus greater resistance to abrasion and stretching.These characteristics are evident also on the finished product. The fabrics are, in fact, brighter and more precisely defined with a soft and silky texture and considerable resistance over time.

Twisted yarn is achieved with a technique that combines two yarns and twists them together, imparting an even brighter appearance besides being more resistant and with less flaws. this gives a fabric of superior quality, soft and even brighter and more resistant.